Gethsemane Church aspires to grow. But no matter what, as servants of Christ, the leaders of this up-and-coming church understands that they merely manage God’s good gifts. Obedient to the Master’s commission to share Christ’s love for the world, to teach and baptize unto the world’s end, to bring men and women to the knowledge of God and His redeeming grace, and proclaim Christ by confessing Him to the world. These under-shepherds serve the sheep and lambs of Jesus faithfully and gather them into His fold.

The pastors are under-shepherds, therefore they are:
S — a public SERVANT
E — an EXHORTER and EDIFIER of the people.
P — a PRAYER PARTNER to each member of the church.
H — a model of genuine HUMILITY
E — EVANGELISTS who lead people to the Lord.
R — a spiritual ROLE MODEL to the people they serve.
D — one who DISCIPLES new converts and growing Christians.

Jose Ortega

Lead Pastor
Brother Jose is the Lead Pastor at Gethsemane. Jose is an anointed preacher of the Word of God and is passionate about sharing the Gospel. He is devoted to seeing the Gethsemane family grow spiritually and physically. Jose and Thelma have been married for 25 years. Their children are active members of Gethsemane as well.

Jeff T. (JT) Bonde

Brother Jeff is the associate Pastor at Gethsemane. His passion is the pursuit of our maker, which is rooted in the Word, that well-established aquifer of Truth. His encounter with the Truth has set him on the path to lead thirsty souls to the river of “living water” through lifestyle evangelism to help liberate the lost by Word and deed. Jeff and Laura have been married for 14 years, and their children are active members of Gethsemane.